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Scenario #19

Overview of Scenario 19

Escape From Fire Module

Perfect for schools and fire prevention, Children learn critical survival skills, such as getting low, shutting doors to limit fire spread, opening windows to signal for help, even throwing out toys for additional signalling!  (This was at MakerFaire 2018 in Orlando)

Pump Panel Promo Video

Master line & water management, calculate friction loss to get the correct gpms.  This incorporates actual nozzle curves from manufacturers and allows real time visualization of the data.  Great for teaching rookies as well as challenging veterans, no water usage forms required! 

Custom pump panels are coming!

Early Incident Command Fly Through

Non-VR, this is the overview of the environments that later became the full-fledge SizeUp simulator.  

What is Experience for Public Safety?

 What is Experience?  How does it take shape in the brain?  This video offers a brief glimpse into how Public Safety gains lifesaving experience.