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Size Up Module

Concentrated Chaos

Twenty-Three Scenarios from structure fire, hazmat, and even terrorism.

Functional CAD and Radio

Use the CAD for information and deliver the perfect arrival report!

Choose Your Own Metrics

Use the benchmarks your agency values most!

Incident Command (Coming Soon!)

Command a Virtual Scene from Arrival to Available.

Use your radio to control your resources. 

Keep Track of your Incident

Use the  custom command board to organize your scene and protect your crews.

Dynamic Scenes with Dynamic Hazards

Use a scripted scene or introduce hazards  on the fly with a single button!

Pump Panel (Coming Soon)

Customizable Pump Panel

Change out valves, handles, and gauges, or choose our templates so the panel is just like your own apparatus. 

Master More Than Just Math

It's one thing to do a pump calc - it's other to do it while managing other lines, gating down, maintaining pressures and water supply.

Real-time behind-the-scene metrics

With the Learning Mode, the behind-the-scenes math is shown, to help you see the changes in GPM and PSI so crews can understand their truck's better than ever. 

Escape From Fire (for children)

Fire Safety They'll Remember!

Put kids "into" the fire - in a safe and controlled environment.

Teach Critical Concepts for Survival

Get low to avoid smoke, close doors to limit fire spread, open window for fresh air, even throw out a toy to signal for help!

FREE for all schools. (Or anyone with kids)

I'm a father - no child should die because they lacked fire survival skills.  I'm finalizing a stable build, check back for a download link soon.